Special Guests 

Contra Dance Callers

Wendy Graham Settle is a self-described "dance maniac" who serves up delicious and nutritious dances for all with infectious enthusiasm and a smile. Wendy calls community dances, English Country dances, contra dance weekends, and dance weeks throughout the U.S. and abroad. She has been involved with folk music, song and dance for over twenty years. 

Pat Danscen

Patricia Danscen's energetic calling has delighted dancers of all ages and levels of experience for 20+ years.  She delights in seeing seas of smiling faces twirling and whirling on the dance floor as she shares her passion for dance and music.  You can catch a glimpse of her at work with the Grand Valley Community Contra Dance on our Sights and Sounds page.

Richard Myers grew up in a rural community that had monthly covered dish suppers, followed by the town hall meeting, and then a square dance called by his father.  Since 1998, he’s been carrying on the family tradition, specializing in calling contra and old-time square dances for folks who have never danced before.  He’s been fortunate enough to have had instruction from some of the best, including Tony Parkes and Bob Dalsemer, and has been equally blessed to call with many great musicians and bands, including Balance and Swing, Deb and the Pariahs, Delicate Balance, the Grouchy Geezers, Meadowlark, Poultry in Motion and many others.  He especially loves those bliss-filled times when the music, dance, musicians and dancers all combine and flow as one exuberant exaltation!

Carol Fey2

Carol Fey has been a contra dancer for over 20 years.  She loves movement to music, and began her "career" as a caller long ago by teaching aerobics classes.  Carol is a technical trainer, specializing in electricity for plumbers amd HVAC technicians, and has been a heating mechanic in Antarctica.  She lives in Littleton, CO.


Sue Sternberg

Sue Sternberg, lately of Moab, UT, but originally from New York, comes to us with impeccable credentials as a former member of the nationally known contra dance band Wild Asparagus. She has become a regular contributor to our contra dance series. When out in the wild west, Sue is also a valued addition to our Irish Sessions. This recording of "The Silver Spear," "The Maid Behind the Bar," and "Cooley's Reel" features Sue accompanied by Connie Smith on piano and Ron Young playing the bodhran.


Harmony Tucker played with the band for several years and continues to do so on occasion even after moving to the Front Range. Her driving fiddle style has been a powerful addition to the band’s Robert Burns Supper and St. Patrick’s Day performances as well as with Fifth Reel.

Don Paine

Don Paine combines his passion for music with his skill as a luthier. He is not only an outstanding fiddle player and fiddle band leader, but is a splendid mandolin builder as well. He and his son are owners of Pomeroy Instruments in Glenwood Springs. A master of the Old Time music styles, he often is a guest fiddler at the Grand Junction Community Contra Dances.

Fifth Reel 2012